Advertising items

Wooden toy ships in any desired colour with your company logo and/or advertising slogan. Development and production of toy ships and scale models according to your own ideas and specifications. Development and production of any other wooden promotional articles.

In the following you find some products.

Segel-Yacht Item.- No.: 25
Barcode: 40 22762 00025 4
Product name: sailing- yacht
Product dimensions L/H in mm: 170 x 110 mm

The sailing yacht was developed and produced for a sales campaign of the DEKA Investmentfonds.


Gellenkogge Item.- No.: 26
Barcode: 40 22762 00026 1
Product name: gellencogge
Product dimensions L/H in mm: 120 x 100 mm

The "Gellenkogge",which was found in front of the island Hiddensee, was the contributuion of the German state Mecklenburg- Vorpommern to the EXPO 2000 in Hannover. The model was developed and produced on behalf of the federal state government as a gift  to the EXPO 2000. Later on the "Gellenkogge" was ordered by the department of commerce for the delegations with the tourism logo of the German state. Furthermore the "Gellenkogge" has a base made of cliff.


small sailing ship   Item.- No.: 54
  Barcode: 40 22762 00054 4
  Product name: small sailing ship
  Product dimensions L/H in mm: 140 x 140 mm

  Our small sailing ship which was awarded with the label „spiel gut “has
  been produced for a commercial campaign of the regional bank Baden-


sailing boats and Indian canoe BELANTIS Item.- No.: /
Barcode: /
Product name: sailing boats, indian canoe
Product dimensions L/H in mm: /

The sailing ships (art.-nr.: 2150, 2191) as well as the Indian Canoe (art.-nr. 2029) were changed with respect to the colour, the sails were printed with logos and they are produced for the leisure park BELANTIS.


sailing ship

  Item.- No.: 43
  Barcode: 40 22762 00043 8
  Product name: sailing ship
  Product dimensions L/H in mm: 140 x 130 mm

  This saling ship was designed and produced for the skin care brand

  Dr. Hauschka of the Wala Heilmittel GmbH.


Segelboot Item.- No.: 28
Barcode: 40 22762 00028 5
Product name: sailing boat
Product dimensions L/H in mm: 230 x 210 mm

Another example is the sailing ship Art. -Nr.: 2180 it is produced for the ski-region Hochsöll (Austria) with their label "Hexenwasser".